Sensoro stands out at Digital China Summit

2018-06-13 11:06
Zhongguancun-based Sensoro Technology placed its core products center stage at the first Digital China Summit, held in Fuzhou, Fujian province, from April 22 to 24.
The summit exhibited the latest cutting-edge technological achievements in many key sectors, including big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).

Sensoro stands out at Digital China Summitf
"Our self-developed IoT sensor network has the record of detecting 55 potential fire risks in eight days," introduced an employee of Sensoro during the exhibition.
Sensoro is fully capable of implementing an easily managed and monitored IoT sensor network configured with IoT chips, deployed sensors and a centralized platform.
The long-range and low-power IoT network will help facilitate data exchanges and build up smart cities.
A pioneering force in the IoT sector, Sensor has introduced and applied its products and technologies in 65 countries and regions.
Sensoro stands out at Digital China Summit
Thanks to favorable policies and emerging opportunities, Sensoro, like other IoT companies, will improve people's daily lives with more ground-breaking innovations.