• 01
    Organize international summit and forum regularly to build an high level international communication and cooperation platform to accelerate advanced pattern, experience, resource sharing of smart city operation in multiple countries.
  • 02
    Assist relevant government to formulate technical standards for smart city operation, drive to the establishment of a "technology-platform-service" standardization system, and enhance the vitality of cities development and industrial park operation.
  • 03
    Promote alliance members to explore together, achieve bilateral and multilateral cooperation and innovation, and integrate smart cities operation application solutions.
  • 04
    Share research results with members: expert opinion, white paper, research report, etc., interpreting domestic and foreign policies, finding opportunities and exploring the future.
  • 05
    Support innovation and entrepreneurship, provide funding support to Accelerated hatching.
  • 06
    Establish global talent excellence center include talent education and training base, transnational talent exchange platform, cultivate excellent talents.